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How to Play Wordus

Wordus rules. And here are the rules.


Wordus is an duplicate of the game Wordle. It has the same rules and even a similar color scheme in the design of the game (yellow letters are orange). Your goal is to guess the five letter Wordus word. You get six guesses. After tapping the Enter button to submit your guess, the game will tell you if your guess is right. If it’s not, the letters in your guess that are the same as the word you are trying to guess is revealed. Each letter is indicated as not in the word, in the word and in the same place or in the word and not in the same place. That’s it. Very simple. Just guess the word and use clues to narrow down the possibilities. Once you solve the Wordus puzzle or run out of guesses, you can play another level instantly.

Our site will assist you in guessing the word. You just enter the clues that the game gives you after each guess and Wordus Solver will show you a list of all the words that could be the one you’re tring to guess.