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Help, Tips & Strategies

Quick tips and tricks to help you become a better Wordus player.

This guide will be a better Wordus player, solving each puzzle in fewer guesses. The strategies here can be used in this game and any Wordle type game you play. Just follow the simple steps and sugguestions in the list below.

  • Start with a good word. What’s a good word? Great question! Take a look at the Best Wordus Starting Words list to find out. Our list was created by reviewing all the words in the Wordus dictionary and taking into account all the letters that appear in the word list and where they appear in all the words.
  • Never use a word that has two or more of the same letter, unless you are positive that it’s the word that you’re trying to guess. Using words with the same letter reduces the number of clues you get to figure out the Wordus puzzle.
  • In your second and sometimes third guess, don’t use letters that have already been used in previous guesses, even if they are correct (in position or not in position). It seems counterintuitive, but unless you are trying to solve (as opposed to revealing more clues) you are only reducing the number of letters you can eliminate.
  • If one of your guesses contains letters that are correct but not in the right position, whatever you do, don’t choose a word for a subsequent guess that has that same letter in the same position. You already know that letter doesn’t go there!
  • Our final tip is take your time! Don’t just guess the first word that comes to your mind. Think about it and make sure it fits all the criteria listed above and make sure it doesn’t have letters that you know are wrong or are in the incorrect position.